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Current Bikes

1985 VF1100C V65 Magna (c) 1998 David B. HillThis is my current ride, a 1985 V65 Magna (1100cc). (click the pic for more info).
I really like the Honda V-4s.  If you want to know more about Magnas and other Honda V-4s, the Honda Sabre/Magna Owners links page is the best place to start.

Former Bikes

My first big bike was a 1978 Suzuki GS750.  After I got out of the Army in 1979 I had a 1973 Honda CB350F that I played with a couple of years.  It needed rebuilding, I kept thinking I'd get around to it, but I never did, so I sold it in 1998.

1984 VF700C V45 Magna (c) 1998 David B. HillMy first experience with a Honda V-4, a 1984 V45 Magna (700cc). (click the pic)

Bike "Stuff"

Honda V-4 Magna belt buckleThis is a belt buckle I found in a now-defunct Honda dealership in Atlanta.  I haven't seen any others like it around.  Have you?